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Oct 26, 2016
ASAP Program week 6

Today was the last day I went to James Gettys Elementary school. I had a lot of mixed feelings because I build many relationships with the students. When entering our lesson, we had a lot to do. We had to complete both the recipe and the recipe books. We started off making our recipe this week which was turkey legs. This represented this themes week which was thanksgiving. The recipe didn't go as planned and when cooking some of the ingredients in the microwave, it exploded. During that time frame we had to think of something else. In the end, we decided to cook the ingredients on the stove. Even though this wasn't our best lesson, we learned a lot and had to think under pressure. I am definitely going to miss the students and hope for the best throughout their school year.

Posted at 04:19 pm by Taylor Bialkowski
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Oct 25, 2016
Soup Kitchen Day 6

Correction: the soup kitchen is primarily affiliated with a Methodist church, not an Episcopal church, as I believe I wrote in an earlier entry. Today was a very busy day at the soup kitchen. It was on the schedule that members of the First Baptist were to be pitching in the volunteer work. I saw Mike again, a man who helps out every fourth Tuesday of the month. So it had been a full month since the last time I had seen him. We served ham, scalloped potatoes, and green beans for the diners. We ran out of ham and potatoes not even a half an hour in. The green beans lasted all of the lunch hour, though, and when we did run out of ham, we replaced it with reheated meat loaf. It was a voucher day, so we had plenty of people come to claim a voucher. In total, we hosted 74 guests. After my services were no longer required for the day, I walked directly to the dining hall on campus and went about the rest of the afternoon.

Posted at 08:30 pm by Alex Romano
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Oct 19, 2016
Interview for BBBS

Last week I had my interview with B for Big Brothers Big Sisters! It was about an hour long and the reason for it was to match me with a little. We want the best match possible so we both enjoy our year together. Talking with B is amazing, she is the sweetest lady ever. We connect on many levels, she understands why I love to help kids. Talking with her about the type of kid I would work well with was getting me so excited for the mentoring to actually start. I should be matched soon, but until then I am patiently waiting.

Posted at 03:01 pm by livmacdonald
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Oct 18, 2016
ASAP Program week 5

Yesterday at James Gettys Elementary school, I was the teacher of this weeks lesson! I was excited yet nervous I wouldn't do well. Our theme this week was Halloween and we talked a little bit about the holiday. The students gladly told us their costumes and things they thought about when they hear the word Halloween. After, we went right into cooking and made spider cupcakes from scratch. Since this was a complicated recipe with a lot of students in the kitchen at once, we needed everyone's attention. All the students listened and were excited to bake. While the cupcakes were in the oven, the students painted mini pumpkins. They got to be creative and it looked great when everyone finished. Some students made emoji pumpkins while others made little patterns. Overall, I was very happy with my lesson. Next week is the last week and I can't believe I'm almost finished. I learned many things from this program that I will improve on to further my education career.

Posted at 07:49 pm by Taylor Bialkowski
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Soup Kitchen Day 5

Today was likely the fastest day of work I partook in at the soup kitchen. I am not sure what the reason was for this, but it actually caused me to get off service early. The time I did spend actively volunteering, however, was rather uneventful. I cleaned tables and brought the basket around again, and I took out the trash, so I was put to some use. Since I finished working a little early, I helped ride along with Jan to give leftover food to the homeless shelter. First, we had to drop John off at his house, and then we delivered the food (taco soup and macaroni) to the shelter. On our way, I saw Grace and Molly, from my seminar, walking through town, perhaps coming from the shelter themselves. After the shelter, Jan dropped me off at the dining hall on campus, and I ate lunch, then went to my only class for the day. Now here I sit waiting for it to start.

Posted at 02:13 pm by Alex Romano
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Oct 14, 2016
Painted Turtle Farm 10/2/2016

Two Sunday's ago I went to my service placement at the Painted Turtle Farm for the second time. I stayed for two hours and during that time I weeded the gardens and the plots around the gardens that the families tend to. Sometimes it is very difficult to weed around the plots because the families do not come in every week to maintain their plants. A lot of them become overgrown, which is a shame because it is a free opportunity for them to sustain themselves. It is obvious that they do not have enough time to tend to their plants, but it is disappointing that they are unable to use this resource.

Posted at 08:28 pm by fletsh01
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Oct 12, 2016
week 2 Painted Turtle Farm

I was very excited to volunteer this past Sunday, since last week was so enjoyable. This week when we arrived we got straight to work. There were two new volunteers, so the extra help was appreciated. First, we worked on securing the oning for the green house. Then, we did some more yard work around the plots. It was another great Sunday at the Painted Turtle farm!

Posted at 11:51 am by Bwall
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Oct 5, 2016
ASAP Program week 3

Today was the third week I was co-teaching and I now have a relationship between the students.The third lesson was about the fall so we tried incorporating many things. Our two recipes were chocolate & peanut butter acorns and harvest hash trail mix.  I was very surprised how much they enjoyed the harvest trail mix. This recipe didn’t consist of any baking. The students went crazy filling different assortments of candy/snacks in their ziplock bags. The students were able to be creative and make their own mix from the stuff they liked. Everyone said that this was their favorite recipe! The other half of our lesson was an art activity. The students went outside and choose a leaf. Everyone brought back their leaf to the class and did something called a leaf rub. This is when you place your leaf under a paper and rub the crayon on the paper to get the outline of a leaf. One thing I learned is that you have to be fully awake right when you walk into the building because the students are ready to cook! Can’t wait to see them in two weeks!

Posted at 03:59 pm by Taylor Bialkowski
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Soup Kitchen Day 4

Yesterday was probably the busiest day I've seen so far at the soup kitchen. The seats were filled to capacity, and it was estimated that we had a total pf 62 people come in to eat. It was also the first day that I was given the responsibility of having to prepare food to be served. I had to open buns and place hotdogs inside them, and then hand them over on a plate to Mike, a new fellow I met, for him to supplement with a generous portion of beans. I'm still learning the proverbial ropes of the kitchen, and have yet to master all of the departments involved. Mike is friendly, a trait which seems common among the staff. I also met a volunteer named Cathy for the first time. No incidents of any peculiarity occurred, and I left the kitchen the latest I have yet, and after the busiest shift I've worked yet.

Posted at 10:25 am by Alex Romano
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Oct 4, 2016

Today, I went to Franklin Township Elementary School, where I was given an overview of both Big Brothers Big Sisters and my role in the organization. Beth, the director of BBBS explained that each of the volunteers would be paired with a "little", who is "at risk". By this she mean't that each child has been handpicked for the program because need of a figure to look up to. This training opened my eyes; I was not aware of how many families and children live in poverty right in Gettysburg. In all, I am honored to take on such a big role. I hope I can help my little by being their Big Sister and overall adding stability to there lives. I'm sure building a connection with my little will be proudly enlightening.

Posted at 08:28 pm by Ally Hennion
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